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Conwy Morfa is a spit of land situated on the western side of the Conwy estuary, North Wales. The morfa is occupied by a fine sandy beach stretching from Penmaenbach headland to the banks of the River Conwy, and the Conwy Marina. The beach is set against a backdrop of Conwy Mountain, with sand dunes and the Conwy Golf Course adjoining the beach. | Attractive flowers such as sea holly and sea bindweed are on show in the summer. It is also home to the rare belted beauty moth, for which part of the site has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. | There are no beach facilities and bathing in the swirling waters of the Conwy estuary is not recommended.Conwy Morfa performed an important part of the British war effort in World War II. The Mulberry Harbours, used to assist the landing of the Allied Forces in Normandy, were constructed on the Conwy Morfa before being towed to the French coast for the Allied invasion of Europe.<br><br> The technique was later used to build the Conwy Road Tunnel in the late 20th Century, before the construction basin was eventually used to form the Conwy Marina..hence the name of the Mulberry Pub and Restaurant on the Conwy Marina.
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