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Gwalchmai Holyhead Anglesey Wales
If you're interested in learning to fly, Mona Flying Club is the ideal place to do it. We have always taken pride in our relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and the high quality of our teaching. Piloting an aircraft is a unique experience. If you want to try it for yourself, why not take one of our trial flights? We also have trial flight vouchers, if you are looking for a very special present for someone. If you've already decided that you want to learn to fly, you'll need to complete a Private Pilot's Licence (PPL) course. The course is made up of various flying and examination requirements. You can read more about this on our lessons page on the website. The PPL is just one of the courses we offer, however. If you have your licence and are looking to gain your Night Rating or IMC, please get in touch. Mona Flying Club is located half way between Bangor and Holyhead on the Isle of Anglesey under the shadow of the beautiful Snowdonia mountains. Air Experience Flights: The Perfect Special Occasion. Treat yourself or a friend to the ultimate flying experience. You will be accompanied by a fully qualified instructor who will help fly you around some of the best coastline and scenery in the UK. Fortunately, North Wales is unrestricted airspace, so the destination of your flying experience is limitless, you decide where you want to go. Whether it be the stunning Snowdonia Mountain Range, Popular tourist locations such as Llandudno, Pwllheli, Caernarfon etc, or our most popular flight; Your House From The Air. Don't Forget to bring your Camera! Learn To Fly: Have you always wanted to learn to fly? Well, realise your dream here at Mona Flying Club! Take a flight in one of our 3 club aircraft, familiarise yourself with the controls and see if it is for you by taking one of our trial flights. Whether you are young or old, it is never too late to start. Learn at your own pace and at a budget suited to you. No money up front, Just turn up for your booking and off you go. Step 1, The Trial Flight - Step 2, Training For Your PPL- Step 3, Ground School- Includes 8 exams: Air Law, Meterology, Navigation, Aeroplane and General Principles of Flight, Performance and Planning, Human Performance and Limitations, Radiotelephony, Oral Radiotelephony. Step 4, Qualifying - Other Licences: The JAR PPL, The Night Rating, The IMC Rating.
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