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Beaumaris, Anglesey
Beaumaris is situated on the banks of the Menai Srait in Anglesey, North Wales. The name comes from the old French for beautiful marsh "beau mareys". The towns' location close to the two bridges that join the mainland to Anglesey make it suitable for touring both the Isle of Anglesey and the Snowdonia National Park. Anglesey prides itself on its many fantastic beaches and is popular for horse riding, walking, bird watching, angling, canoeing, and cycling. There are a number of hotels and holiday cottages within either the town or close by.
Picture of Beaumaris
Castles and Forts

The town of Beaumaris is renowned for its castle, one of the finest medieval castles in Europe, and rightly recognised as a World Heritage Site. Beaumaris Castle was part of the iron ring of castles built to subdue the Welsh by the English King Edward 1. Construction of the castle began in 1295, but due to a shortage of money and supplies, the castle was never completed. It did however see military action during the Welsh Revolt when it fell to the supporters of Owain Glyndwr in 1403. The town later served as an administrative centre and port until by the 20th century Beaumaris' raison d'ĂȘtre had turned full circle from military outpost to holiday resort. Today the castle still stands proudly on the edge of the Menai Strait and adds considerably to Beaumaris' appeal as a 21st century holiday resort.

Beaumaris has many other attractions besides Beaumaris Castle including a fine well-maintained pier, the village green on the seafront, the children's playground adjacent to the castle walls, the Museum of Childhood, and the ancient Court House and Gaol.
The Court House and Gaol are today part of an interesting audio tour that recreate past crimes and punishments including the trial and incarceration in the condemned cell of one Richard Rowlands. Mr Rowlands was the last man to be hung in Beaumaris Gaol in the year 1862.
Beaumaris Pier
Visit the Church of St Mary and St Nicholas an early 14th century garrison church. The church contains effigies of William and Elen Bulkeley, and the stone coffin of Princess Joan, the illegitimate daughter of King John, and the wife of Llywelyn the Great.
Today Beaumaris is a bustling little place, a cross between a seaside resort and a market town, and with the building of a new marina is set to become even more popular with the yachting set. Let's hope the new development enhances its superb location, and respects the marine environment of the Menai Strait.
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