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Lowther is a small village in the Lake District National Park, North West England. There have in fact been three villages at Lowther: the first being demolished in way for the castle, and the second being demolished because it hindered views from the castle. The third, Lowther Village, is the present day village.
Robert Smirke erected Lowther Castle in the early 19th century. Although it stayed open for a number of years, it closed in 1937 following financial troubles within the Lowther family. It was reopened during the Second World War for army purposes, who used the castle to test out a tank weapon. From then onwards many parts of the castle were removed and today it remains a large romantic ruin dominating the village. However, the Lowther Estate Trust plan to restore sections of the castle, redesign the gardens and open the estate to the public. The news of the gardens will be pleasing to keen ramblers as many walking trails will be provided around the 140 acres of land.....

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