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Coniston in Cumbria, England, is quite possibly the number one place to visit in the Lake District. Having in the past won the 'Village of the Year' award, it attracts tourists throughout the year for its walks, hikes, and close proximity to some of the National Park's best attractions.
The village sits at the head of Coniston Lake, which has plenty of opportunities for sailing. It is also associated with record breaker Donald Campbell, who was tragically killed here in 1967. Campbell broke eight speed records during the 1950s and 1960s, using his famous Bluebird K4 and K7 boat. On 4th January 1967, whilst attempting to break a speed record on Coniston Lake, Bluebird K7 flipped and Campbell was killed in the accident. His body was found and lifted from the water in 2001 and buried at St Andrew's churchyard in the village.....

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