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Appleby in Westmorland
Appleby-in-Westmoreland is a quaint market town situated in the Eden valley, Cumbria. With close proximity to Ullswater and Haweswater Reservoir in the Lake District, Appleby has built itself up as a popular tourist spot.
The town is dominated by Appleby Castle, built in the early 12th century by Ranulf le Meschin, with Caesar's Tower added in 1170. Four years later Scottish king William the Lion invaded the castle and managed to seize it without a fight. Later in 1203, the castle was given to Richard de Vieuxpont by King John and passed into the hands of Roger de Clifford in 1269. Clifford was somewhat of a chauvinist, believing that a woman was not intelligent enough to rule a castle or state. His daughter, Lady Anne Clifford, set out to prove him wrong. In the 17th century the castle became her home, and was restored between the years of 1651 to 1653. She was a leading figure in Appleby: as well as restoring the castle, she also founded a hospital just a little way outside the town in 1651. Today Appleby Castle, whilst it can still be viewed from afar, is a private property and is no longer open to the public. Each year a world-famous Horse Fair takes place in Appleby. Held in the first week of June, hundreds of travellers and gypsies swarm to the town to see the horses washed in the river, have their palms read by fortune tellers and purchase horse-riding merchandise.....

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