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Cycling holiday in Wales (if you value your life don't do it, unless you plan it very carefully)

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.Wales is known for its mountains and valleys, which can make cycling holidays in the principality pretty hard work. But what goes up has to come down, and the reward of the downhill outways the pain of the uphill slog. Much work has to be done by the UK government and the pretty ineffectual Welsh Assembly to add safe cycle paths but with the help of hard working volunteers they are slowly creating routes around the country. To be fair to local government whenever they propose a cycle path they face massive opposition from  large vociferous sections of the public. I don't know why as it keeps the cyclists of the pavements!

I will be adding information on the cycle paths in the near future. But if you are thinking of taking a cycling holiday in Wales you need to plan it with great care as many of the roads are deadly for the cyclists and indeed pedestrians. The powers that be are still making expressways and major roads without any thought of the the non driving members of the public. God knows how they get away with it in this day and age but they do. The A470 Dolwyddelan improvement is an example. This is an award winning road from an environmental viewpoint and the landscaping and stone work looks fantastic. (Indeed some sections could be classed as works of art.) But there is no provision  for a cycle lane, or indeed a pavement for pedestrians ! Don't the road planners ever get out of their cars and walk along a country lane? I am sure that if they did they would soon appreciate just how dangerous these roads are. The extra cost would be recovered in an increase in tourism, and the saving of hospital costs, never mind the saving of human lives.

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  Cycling holiday in Wales


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