Hen Gapel Lligwy, a medieval chapel in Lligwy, Anglesey Wales
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Take the A5025 Anglesey east coast road. At the Llanallgo roundabout (on the outskirts of Moelfre) follow the sign to Din Lligwy. 1km to layby. Follow instructions on sign post, chapel visible on ridge.

Hen Gapel Lligwy
Hen Capel Lligwy, a medieval chapel, is located on the outskirts of Moelfre close to the north east coast of Anglesey, North Wales. There is not a lot of architectural merit to the old building but it is well worth a visit and is adjacent to the path that leads to Din Lligwy one of Anglesey's finest archaeological sites.
Hen Gapel Lligwy
The small, roofless chapel has no recorded history and it is unknown to whom the church was dedicated. A single cell 12th Century chapel, largely rebuilt in the fourteenth century. The south doorway and the base of the walls are 12th Century. The nave and chancel were reconstructed in the 14th Century. The west wall rises to a gabled bellcote. The sixteenth century south chapel is built over a small crypt, roofed in stone slabs and entered by a flight of steps from the east end of the main chapel.

Hen Gapel Lligwy medieval chapel
Hen Gapel Lligwy bellcote gable
1.Hen Gapel Lligwy medieval chapel 2.Hen Capel Lligwy bellcote gable
Hen Gapel Lligwy sits on a ridge
Views from Hen Gapel to Lligwy beach
3.Hen Gapel Lligwy high on a ridge 4.Views from Hen Gapel to Lligwy beach
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