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Penrhyn Bay Beach Penrhyn Bay Conwy_County Wales
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The Penrhyn Bay section of the All Wales Path could be said to start opposite the Rhos-on-Sea golf course - which is the very spot from where Prince Madoc is said to have set sail on his journey to discover America. But that is another story. <br><br> There are fine views across the golf course of Bryn Pydew and the foothills of Snowdonia to the south, while to the west lies the wide sweep of Penrhyn Bay's sand and pebble beach and the Little Orme Headland. <br><br> The All Wales Path cuts across the beach to the headland before it winds its way over the hillside to Craigside and the Bay of Llandudno. <br><br> I would however offer a slight detour from the official route, just a few hundred yards in fact, to Angel Bay (Porth Dyniewaid as described on the Ordnance Survey maps) where you might be fortunate to discover basking seals or a school of dolphins. Not quite the equivalent of discovering America before Christopher Columbus but quite a sight all the same.There is no actual single location for the All Wales Path, however I have named Penrhyn Bay - Rhos-on-Sea as the location for the All Wales Path as it was at Rhos Point that the first section of the Wales Coast Path was opened in 2011.
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