Beaumaris Anglesey Wales
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Despite being largely road-bound this section of the path is enjoyable due to its attractive, elevated views along the narrowest section of the Menai Strait and proximity to the two bridges. A new section of the coastal path has been built to connect St Mary’s Church to Pwllfanogl that brings you out at the hamlet of Pwllfanogl. Unfortunately a gap in the path means you’ll start the next section at Moel-y-Don. On leaving Beaumaris the route leaves the banks of the Menai Strait and takes the "high road" passing the Baron Hill golf course and the village of Llandegfan before rejoining the strait at Menai Bridge.<br><br> Here there are wonderful views of the Menai Bridge and the waters of the Menai Strait, before a visit to Church Island, via the Belgian Promenade, and more fine views including the Brittania Bridge, and Ynys Gorad Goch.
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