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Lynch Road France Lynch Gloucestershire England
There are three questions we get asked regularly by first time visitors "How do I get to ............?", "How old is the pub?", and "Why is the village called France Lynch?" The first can usually be answered by someone in the bar. The next two are slightly more difficult. There has certainly been a KINGS HEAD quenching the thirsts of local people for well over two hundred years, as we have records dating from the late 1700s. Our guess is that its a good deal older than that, but we can't be certain when the pub first opened its doors. Over that period of time it has had a chequered history, (as have most pubs,) and its fortunes have ebbed and flowed with the prosperity or otherwise of the area. Pat and Mike Duff arrived at the King's Head eleven years ago after the pub had been saved from closure by a local resident. (It had actually closed its doors and was on the market as a residential property.) Firstly as tenants, and then as owners, they set about reviving what had once been a prosperous and popular watering hole. We'll let you judge how successful they've been. Why France Lynch? Again, there are several explanations, but the most generally accepted one is that it got the "France" bit from the Huguenot weavers who settled here in the 17th century. A lynch is a cultivated terrace following the contours of a hill - which perfectly describes the local landscape. It's a unique village, with Cotswold stone houses built on hewn out terraces on the hillsides, all connected by a maze of narrow, twisting lanes. Which accounts for the first question! WE are listed in the REAL ALE PUB GUIDE 2008, the GOOD BEER GUIDE 2008 and are on the CAMRA website. Music: We're sorry if you like to eat your meal to the accompaniment of piped background Muzak. We don't do that. We prefer to throw the windows open in the Summer and hear the birds singing in the garden. In the winter it's nice just to listen to the crackle of a good log fire. We don't have a juke box either. (Or a fruit machine if it comes to that.) Peace and quiet aplenty. But if it's LIVE music you're after we have lots of that too. Whether it's Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Folk or mainstream pop you'll be able to find it on Monday evenings when we have a regular supply of visiting entertainers playing in a corner of the bar. Landlord Mike is a musician himself so he knows a class act when he hears one. We're lucky to have the superb Chalford Silver Band as near neighbours, newly promoted back to the First Division where they belong. You're quite likely to hear them giving a Sunday afternoon concert in our garden during the Summer. If traditional English Folk Music is your thing we have regular visits from local Morris Dance groups, such as Ragged and Old or Stroud Morris. Children: Well behaved children are very welcome at the King's Head. We provide a small play area for younger children (above) and there is also a separate children's room which they can use at any time. Children are welcome in the bar and dining area when dining with their parents. We do, however, ask parents with children to vacate the premises by 9pm, when the bar can get very busy.
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