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Mumbles City of Swansea Wales
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Mumbles Lighthouse sits on the outer of two islands, known as Mumbles Head, lying about 500 yards to the E.S.E. of the mainland known as Mumbles, Swansea, South Wales. <br><br>For over 200 years the Mumbles Lighthouse has guided vessels along the coast and into Swansea Bay, past the hazards of the Mixon Shoal ½ mile to the South. The station is accessible by foot at certain states of the tide or by boat at high water.<br><br> The Swansea Harbour Trustees were given the power to provide a lighthouse at the outer Mumbles in the Harbour Act of 1791. In July 1792 the Trustees contracted for the erection of the lighthouse and work began; however in October 1792 the half finished structure collapsed. In 1793 the plans of the local architect William Jernegan were accepted and the lighthouse was finally completed and lit in 1794. <br><br> In 1995 the Lighthouse was converted to solar powered operation, with solar module arrays being mounted in frames on the fort roof. A pair of biformed Tideland ML300 lanterns replaced the main light and a new emergency light, fog detector and control and monitoring equipment were installed. The latter is linked to the Trinity House Operations and Planning Centre at Harwich.
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