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Woodchester Park Nympsfield Gloucestershire England
Woodchester Mansion is an architectural masterpiece of the Victorian age abandoned by its builders before it could be completed. It has been virtually untouched by time since the mid-1870s, and today offers a unique opportunity to tour and explore a Gothic building in mid-assembly. The Mansion is hidden in a secluded 400-acre landscape park of great beauty, sheltering an abundance of wildlife and rare-breed grazing stock. Enchanting woodland walks snake around its five man-made lakes.The Mansion and its park are reputed to be haunted and regular events are held throughout the year for those who want to hunt our ghosts (watch out for the headless lady in the first floor window when you arrive!). Facilities for visitors to the Mansion include a Tea Room, serving drinks, cakes and snacks, and a Gift Shop. Tours of the house are conducted by guides from the Woodchester Mansion Trust's Volunteers. The Park, owned by The National Trust, is open to all. Nature in the Park: Now the property of the National Trust, Woodchester Park is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The woods and pastures of this secluded valley are home to many different kinds of wildlife, including buzzards, owls and woodpeckers, whilst the lakes provide a home to mallard and mandarin ducks, coots and moorhens. There is a diverse variety of colourful wildflowers in the valley, from bluebells and wild garlic under the woodland canopy in spring, to primroses and aquilegia. Amongst the more uncommon flowers in the Park are lily of the valley and its close relative Solomon's seal, with rarer species, such as orchids, also to be found. Famous for its bats and badgers, the Park and woodland are also home to roe and muntjac deer which, in the quiet of the evening, can sometimes be seen moving down from the wooded slopes into the rich pastures to feed. The pastures are also the feeding ground in the summer of the Greater Horseshoe bats that roost by day in the lofts of Woodchester Mansion. Also emerging at dusk are Lesser Horseshoe, pipistrelle, Daubenton and long-eared bats, all of whom usually hunt flying insects in the woodland and over the surface of the lakes.
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