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Much Marcle Herefordshire England
This beautiful historic house in Much Marcle, Herefordshire, is a living monument to much of England’s history. It remains a home and not a museum although it contains a wealth of period furnishings, paintings and decorations. In 1096 the Manor was granted to the de Balun family who witnessed the signing of the Magna Carta by King John. Thereafter by marriage,deed or gift it passed through the powerful Mortimer family to the Lords Audleys by 1301, who were created Earls of Gloucester in 1337. A nephew, James, one of the Black Prince’s 12 boon companions,rented the Manor yearly from his uncle the Earl for a pair of silver spurs. He eventually leased it to Walter de Helyon whose family gave their name in time to the house. Their descendants still live here, and Walter’s effigy can be seen in St Bartholomew’s Church. Among Hellens’ attractions are the haunted rooms prepared for Bloody Mary Tudor and her tutor Fetherstone; the Stone Hall and its great fireplace bearing the Black Prince’s crest and the Minstrel Gallery. The Music Room has a fine frieze and panelling. The gardens are being redeveloped along Tudor and Jacobean lines, reflecting the House’s history. They incorporate a rare 17th century octagonal dovecote, a walled knot garden, a yew labyrinth and a short woodland and pond walk. There are also the Derby Coach and family carriages to be seen, as well as the Old Cider Mill house. Perry Making: Each year we make cider or perry in the traditional way at Hellens. First the pears are sorted to remove unwanted twigs, etc. Our horses and donkey aren’t used to being harnessed, so we use volunteers to turn the millstone. As the pears are crushed they are wrapped in hessian to make “cheeses” then formed into a stack, ready for pressing. When the stack is complete, pressure is applied to squeeze out the juice. Opening times: Hellens is open on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday afternoons. Entry is by guided tour and there are tours at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm.
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