Longden Coleham, Longden Shrewsbury Shropshire England
Shrewsbury Steam Trust was originally founded in 1992 under the 'umbrella' of The County of Salop Steam Engine Society Ltd. to restore the steam engines at Coleham Pumping Station, Shrewsbury. It is now an independent charitable trust with the same aim and has applied for Charitable Trust status with the Charity Commission. The Coleham area of Shrewsbury has an industrial past that is, perhaps, second only to Ironbridge as far as Shropshire is concerned. Coleham Pumping Station is the last remnant of that past and the only industrial museum in Shrewsbury. Coleham Pumping Station, resembling a Victorian Chapel in style, was built in 1900 to house two massive steam-driven beam engines. They were built in-situ by Renshaws of Stoke in 1897/1898. They were used to pump sewage as part of Shrewsbury's new sewerage system. These coal-fired pumps were used until 1970. Ownership of the building, pumps and grounds was transferred to Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council in 1974. The Museum comprises the Pumping Station buildings, in-situ beam-engines, ancillary equipment and grounds (belonging to Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council) plus other items belonging to Shrewsbury Steam Trust. The Pumping Station is one of three historic buildings operated as museums by Shrewsbury Museums Service (part of Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council). The building is currently opened to the public as a museum on pre-advertised weekends during the spring and summer. Since one of the Cornish boilers was restored to steam by members of the Trust in 2002, one of the beam engines is normally operated under steam during these weekend openings.
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