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The Slate Waste Action Group are opposed to the transport of up to 3 million tonnes per year in perpetuity through the Snowdonia National Park via the Conwy Valley Railway Line, the North Wales Coast Railway Line and the roads of the Lledr and Conwy Valleys .




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The Jacob's report, a report commissioned by Conwy County Borough Council to show the effect of the Slate Waste trains on the environment of Conwy County Borough.

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Storm Brews at Conwy Council meeting !

(Extract from North Wales Weekly News Oct 7th 04   by Martin Williams)

Conwy County Council leader Emlyn Davies came under attack from former leader Ronnie Hughes and several other members of the Council. They criticised Coun Davies for not declaring an interest sooner in the debate over slate waste being transported along the Conwy Valley line.Bodlondeb Conwy County Council Headquarters

At the start of the meeting, the Independent leader Coun Davies asked to be excused from the chamber as he has a brother who owns land alongside the route, and as Network Rail will pay up to £250 a day to access it, Coun Hughes argued that he should have told the council months ago. "He has sat through meetings on this, so the proper conduct has not been adhered to" said Coun Hughes.
"Under this new Cabinet its worse than the KGB. They wanted to withdraw these 2 items (slate waste, etc ....) from the agenda and there are more secret deals being done than ever before."

This report begs the question ... considering the fact that two of the Conwy County Council cabinet members who voted to support the slate waste project have since declared an interest, is the decision of the new cabinet to support the slate waste project legal?

Is this a case for the ombudsman?

If you think so and want to report it please click here .. Ombudsman Wales >>






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